With countless hosting options available today, what makes one option better than another?  Prices and services vary but even beyond the specs and costs of typical hosts, there are other considerations you should know about.

Not all hosting services are created equal.  Some companies host hundreds of sites on a single server.  Every site is different. An eCommerce site will demand more from a server than a basic site with pictures and text.  With hundreds of sites on one server requiring a variety of demands usually translates into a higher than normal load on the server.  In most cases, these higher loads mean slower site load times for surfers.  Final Frontier Hosting keeps less than 100 sites on any given server.  And because all sites on our servers are managed by Final Frontier Web Designs, we have more control over the load.

Price is always a concern when it comes to running a business.  It's important not to fall prey to marketing schemes and crafty advertising.  There are countless hosting companies out there that offer unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, unlimited emails, and more.  Just make sure you read the fine print. In many cases, the word "unlimited" seems to have a cap.  Final Frontier Hosting will never trick you or use words meant to deceive.  We may not be the cheapest hosting company out there.  But, we can offer you a one person contact for all your web services including domain name registration, hosting, web design, and web maintenance.

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