From a young age, Kim has been fascinated with two things:  science fiction and various electronics.

It all began one Sunday morning when her father introduced her to Star Trek.  This favorite Sunday morning ritual continued for quite some time as did her love for Trek.  Then it happened.  On May 25, 1977, the entire world was introduced to a new kind of sci-fi when Star Wars premiered.  After numerous trips to the Eastwood THX Theater that amazing May, one thing was certain--she was hooked.  Years later Kim resumed her love affair with sci-fi by starting an annual, fan-run, sci-fi convention--Starbase Indy--with a bunch of friends.  The sole purpose of this non-profit group was to keep the love of science fiction alive while simultaneously raising money for charities.

After years of watching what Hollywood and computers had in store for us in the future, it was no wonder Kim’s interests gravitated toward computers.  Her family caught their first glimpse of Kim’s aptitude with electronics when they purchased a Betamax VCR; Kim instantly figured out how it all worked without ever looking at the instruction manual.  In 1988, she acquired her first personal computer, a Tandy 1000 with an 8088 processor.  Our little miss smartie built a database for her Avon business, all the while watching her love for computers continue to grow.  In 1995, with the introduction of Windows 95, Kim started learning HTML and how a computer worked.  She built her first website and hasn't looked back since.

Over the years Kim has worked with computer software like Dreamweaver, Flash, MySQL, Access, CSS, Joomla, and many others.  She has worked for a host of businesses in the areas of real estate, chiropractic, medical billing, photographers, computer stores, insurance, Boy Scouts, and non-profits, to name but a few.

After graduating from Hamilton Southeastern High School and taking computer classes at IUPUI, Kim and her husband Larry started a family and have two amazing children, Jackie and Jonny.

With countless hosting options available today, what makes one option better than another?  Prices and services vary but even beyond the specs and costs of typical hosts, there are other considerations you should know about.

Not all hosting services are created equal.  Some companies host hundreds of sites on a single server.  Every site is different. An eCommerce site will demand more from a server than a basic site with pictures and text.  With hundreds of sites on one server requiring a variety of demands usually translates into a higher than normal load on the server.  In most cases, these higher loads mean slower site load times for surfers.  Final Frontier Hosting keeps less than 100 sites on any given server.  And because all sites on our servers are managed by Final Frontier Web Designs, we have more control over the load.

Price is always a concern when it comes to running a business.  It's important not to fall prey to marketing schemes and crafty advertising.  There are countless hosting companies out there that offer unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, unlimited emails, and more.  Just make sure you read the fine print. In many cases, the word "unlimited" seems to have a cap.  Final Frontier Hosting will never trick you or use words meant to deceive.  We may not be the cheapest hosting company out there.  But, we can offer you a one person contact for all your web services including domain name registration, hosting, web design, and web maintenance.

We are here to help you! Have questions? Ask!

Although our hosting plans are only offered to our current web design clients, here is an itemized list of our current hosting plans.  Most of our clients can fit into one of these plans but we are willing to customize a plan just for you.


 Description Runabout (Mail Only) Defiant Class Intrepid Class Ambassador Class Galaxy Class
Total Disk Quota* 1 GB 6 GB  10 GB  12 GB  20 GB
Monthly Bandwidth 3 GB 12 GB  18 GB 18 GB 25 GB
FTP Accounts 0 1  2 2 4
Max Email Accounts† 1 5  8 10 20
Total Mail Storage** 1 GB 1 GB  2 GB 2 GB 4 GB
Max Email Lists 0 5  8 10 10
Databases 0 1  2 3 4
Sub-Domains 0 1  2 3


Offsite Backups No Yes  Yes  Yes Yes
GSuite (Unlimited)†† No $9 per month per user $9 per month per user  $9 per month per user 2 Users Included
Setup (One-time only) $10.00 $25.00  $25 $25.00 FREE
Annual Fee $100.00 $220.00  $250.00  $256.00 $625


* Total Disk Storage means all storage for this domain including mail.
Max Email Accounts is the total number of emails accounts for the domain. This does not include “alias” emails which are unlimited.
** Total Mail Storage is included in the Total Disk Storage. An 18gb disk quota means 4gb of that will go towards mail storage.
†† This is an added feature and will cost an additional $14 per user per month or you can purchase it on your own for $12 per month per user.